Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween (day 45)

Long day, very long day, but oh it was so so great!!  We had a festival at our house, went on a hay ride, then trick or treating, the baby's first real Halloween, and she had a ball.  She refused to let me hold the candy bucket, and tried to give her candy to the people we were trick or treating at!  My oldest had the best day ever, everyone is in bed and I am about to follow suite! 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photo Shoot (day 45)

 I did a mini photo shoot for one of my good friends (Here is her blog) that I have know for over 10 years.  Her beautiful little girl is turning one in a few days so I did a shoot.  Alex was so much fun to photograph, that little grin, and beautiful face.  We had a great time, I would follow her around, singing songs offtune, she would smile, I would snap away, then more chasing would pursue.  Here are a few of the shots from earlier.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween (day 44)

The leaves are falling, the weather is cooling off, the holidays are around the corner, and this weekend is Halloween.  My oldest is so excited, this year she gets it, she knows she is going to go to houses, knock on doors, and get some CANDY.  What she doesn't know is that she won't get that much of it, maybe a few pieces spread out over days.  But that doesn't detract away from the fact that it will be so much fun.

So we are all looking forward to trick or treating and having a fun filled day at the house.  Today was also good.  We had more fun activities with the kids, we made Halloween cookies.  I have this great box of cookie cutters that I got awhile ago.  I have been attempting to use all of them spread out over time.  So we made cat, bat, pumpkins, moon, and ghost cookies.  The kids love to watch the kitchenaid stir the batter.  The kids then get to chose which cookie cutters they like better and press down on the dough to create their shapes.  The kids grinned and giggles and the cookies went into the oven. 

While we waited for the cookies to bake the kids played, then help me stir the food coloring into the icing mix.  Their eyes lit up when the red and yellow mixed to create orange, the orange, blue, and green mash to become black.  They loved it. 

Next week will be the start of Thanksgiving month, and boy do I have lots to be thankful for, a loving husband, beautiful kids, great jobs, and more.  I know there are things that need to improve, but who's life is so perfect that improving isn't in the cards.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Unbelievable, a must read! (Day 43)

So today royally stunk, I mean, bottom of the barrel, pinch your nose and gag stink.  A few weeks ago I blogged about the fact that my HP Laptop broke.  I contacted HP, they said it was under warranty and sent me out a box, to my house to send the computer back in to.

A week goes by, I give them a call and ask what is going on, they tell me that the problem I am having is because the place where the computer gets plugged into power was damaged, and not covered under warranty so they were going to send it back.  I called my brother and he told me that it could possibly be fixed, and I figured I could at least get the files that were on it backed up.  I had photos of my kids and other important documents that did not get backed up when the computer broke.

Fast forward to today, I decide to give HP a call, I have not heard back from them, and still did not have the computer in my hands.  I get ahold of customer service rep in India, give him my crucial information, and you want to know what he tells me.  "Your address is ____FLORIDA, and you have already received your computer and it was signed by C. Price"   WHAT!!!!!  "NO, I live in TEXAS, My name is Sara, and I don't know anyone in Florida".  "well ma'am someone named C. Price (I thought they told me the name was Charlie because they kept saying C as in Charlie) signed for it, and since it was signed for it is out of our hands.   Talk about LIVID.  This computer has all my financial information, photos, and important documents on it, and is in the hands of a complete stranger states away. 

So I try to compose myself and ask what they are going to do, they said they would contact Fed Ex and give me a call in a couple of days, BS, I wanted to speak to someone NOW.  They told me that their supervisor would not be in until 8am pacific time (11am our time).  So I hang up and call back again in hopes to speak to someone higher up.  I get a csrep, and the same stuff, they tell me there is nothing they can do and there were no supervisors.  So I call back one more time and I was getting to the point where you could probably see steam come out of my ears.  I get on the phone, they tell me that they have contacted Fed Ex, and since the package was signed for they can't return it!!! Then the kicker...they tell me the only thing I can do was go to FLORIDA AND PICK IT UP MYSELF!!!!  So at this point I am crying, I can't even raise my voice I am so angry.  I had to walk to the dining room, I could still see the kids, but they didn't know I was upset.  I take a few ok lots of deep breaths because I am about to lose it.  I tell them I want my computer back and I want it back ASAP.  They again tell me that I will have to go and pick it up myself.  So let me get this straight, they want me to go to a stay hundreds of miles away, ring the doorbell to a complete strangers house, and ask my laptop back...doubtful.  So I hang up on this imbecile, and call back again.  This time I get a supervisor, or something that is supposed to be like it.  She gives me a name, which I don't understand, and I ask for an email address which she says she doesn't have.   I called BS.  I give her my information again, she proceeds to tell me that it is MY FAULT that they sent it to the wrong address.  She said I must have called in and changed the shipping address, why would I do that.  I don't know anyone in Florida and why in the world would I send MY computer to a stranger with my last name.  So I ask them to connect me to someone in the United States that I can talk to, they tell me there is no one, I have to deal with them, and no one else!!!

So at this point I am spent, my lovely wonderful brother calls me and tells me he found the number to corporate office in California.  I give it a call and lo and behold, an American.  I give the woman my information and everything that has happened, I tell her all the things that they told me including having to go pick it up myself.  She says that it says in the notes that they told me that and that they were being ridiculous.  She investigates and apparently someone with the same last name as me called in, the operator did not go through the correct channels to verify them and my account and this C. Price's account got mixed up.  So now some stranger in Florida has my computer with all my info on it.

They told me they will try to get the computer back and if not they will replace it.  I told the woman that it would be great if they got mine back, but it doesn't make up for the fact that all my private and personal information is stored on it and my identity could easily be stolen, plus if I don't get it back those photos of my kids that were not backed up are gone forever.

So I filed a police report and changed passwords on some accounts, but this person has had my info since Monday, so who knows what is happening.  I haven't heard back from HP, but I am contacting a lawyer and see if any legal actions should be taken.  I have never done anything like this or had anything like this happen to me but I am at a loss.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Today(day 42)

Today I took the kids to their aunts house and got some great photos.  They love going to their aunt's house.  They played outside, we took photos, it was nice. 


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkins(day 41)

Today I carved my first pumpkin.  Actually the kids "helped" me, and by helped I mean got grossed out by touching the pumpkin's innards.  But they did touch them and stick their hands in the pumpkins for a brief minute.  It was really cute, watching the kids run around the yard and every so often scurry over to me to check my progress.  They wanted to participate, and did in their own way.  They brought me leaves, picked seeds up off the porch, and gave me their encouragement.

The pumpkin carving was a lot more difficult than I expected.  It took me awhile to realize that it is a lot easier to get the guts out with a spoon rather than my hands.  Boy was it messy, and it didn't help that I had a dog trying to steal any part of the pumpkin that she could for her own personal meal.  

We sat outside, I lazily carved the pumpkin, the kids played in the yard for over two hours.  They had a blast, I accomplished my task of pumpkin carving.  It is not much to look at, but once that candle gets placed into it and lit up, I think it looks pretty good.

Can you tell who it is?  Yep, Mickey Mouse!  I know, not the best, but hey, not too bad for my first.  The kids LOVED it.  Right now they are going through a Mickey stage, so this was just awesome for them.  After the pumpkin was carved I brought them in, lit the pumpkin and brought it into the playroom to let them see it in all its glory.  Each kid had to come up to it and take a peak inside.  They were in awe by the pumpkin, of course it doesn't take much to make 3 and 1 year old babes happy!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Masquerade (Day 40)

Halloween, it is creeping up on us quickly.  This week is going to be full of fun arts and crafts for the kids.  Today was no exception.  We made masquerade mask.  The kids had an awesome time.  Before lunch I grab all my paints, brushes, glitter, glue, and feathers, and I spread them across the table.  The kids take off from the playroom and make a mad dash to the living room window.  They love to look at the cars and keep a watch out for school buses.  Once they see a bus or tractor or any big vehicle they come running into the dining room and tell me all about it.  I am finally able to round them all up and get them in their chairs (except the baby, but I'll get to that).

The kids start eyeing all of the goodies before them, you would think that it was Christmas Eve and they just found their loot.  I settle them down and start with the painting.  Now I don't know if you have ever tried to have two three year old and 3 one year old do a big art project, but it is not an easy task.  I get the older kids situated with their paint and brushes and give the younger kids a coloring page and some crayons. 

I teach the 3 year olds how to clean their brush after each color and they go for it.  We work on their mask for awhile, they finish painting so we add glue, glitter, and feathers.  The kids attach them to various parts of their mask and the look on their faces were so extremely adorable.  You could see the pride radiating off their faces. They wanted to put the masks on immediately, but I knew better, the paint and glue was still wet and their was already glitter all over the place.  Now it was on the the little ones.

I decided that the baby was a little too young to make a mask so I gave her a crayon and princess page, this is her reaction:
Remember how I said that I didn't get the baby in the correct chair, well this is what I was talking about.  This is her new thing.  She either puts her foot up on the table, which I have to correct over and over again, or she puts her foot on the underside of the table and kicks off of it.  She hasn't tumbled over yet, but I have been putting her in a different chair but today I was lucky enough to wrangle them into any chair available.

So then I work with the other little ones.  They were a little less coordinated than the three year olds.  They got more paint on their high chairs than on the mask, but boy did they have a ball.  The chose the colors and painted till their little hearts were satisfied.  We put glitter all over the mask and they squealed with delight over all the shimmery colors.  It took almost an hour to complete the mask, but it was worth every second just watching their little faces light up.

I was finally able to get them settled down and put the masks up to dry up.  The kids had a great time with their art projects.  My oldest couldn't wait to try her mask on and parade around in front of her daddy when he came home.

The finished project.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pecans (day 39 continued)

We have pecan trees, and several of them, they are glorious, some cast much needed shadows and shade onto the house, while others stand tall and mighty in our side yard.  They provide a place to hang a rope for the kids to swing on, some much needed limbs to use in the barbecue, and now...pecans.  Last year was very sparse in their production, but this year, wow, pecans everywhere.  It took a few days for them to really start falling.  When I looked into the tree, I could see them, but couldn't get any.  We had a very windy day yesterday which brought a lot of the pecans down to the grown so I decided to venture outside with the girls and collect a few.

I gathered the girls and a bucket and set off, not that it was far, but sometimes with two small children, it can be a difficult trek.  When we first set off the girls were great, the baby lingered behind just a little bit, but once I gave her a bucket, she was fine and helpful.  My oldest was a huge help.  She would run up behind me, tug on my shirt and tell me she got a "con".  That's what she called the pecans, just shortened it and added an "o", but it is seriously adorable.  That lasted about five minutes.  All was going great, until the baby decided that she didn't want to look for the objects of the ground, that is boring.  She wanted to play on the play scape, and do other more interesting things.  So I would gather her back into my arms, get her back under the tree, capture a few of the pecans to put into the bucket, then chase after the baby, this went on for about fifteen minutes, I did not want to give up.  Then my husband saw my desperate attempt to gather these pecans and decided to take the baby off my hands. 

It went wonderfully, my oldest and I picked through the grass searching for these little treasures.  She would come running to me every few seconds proclaiming that she had a "con", I would praise her great achievement, and we did this until we got this:
Yep, that's right, an entire Halloween bucket full, and it didn't take too long.  There are still so many hiding out there in that field.  I hope to fill a few more buckets, then it's on to shelling.  Which amazingly is very stress relieving.  You want to know the funny thing about this pecan picking and such?  I don't like pecans...I know weird, why would I go to the trouble to look diligently for them.  So I can make pies and Christmas gifts for people that do like them.  I will continue to find more and post about it once I am through, so stay tune.
Here's a random photo from yesterday, my daughter and her best friend.

Photos Galore! (day 39)

I will try to get to a post later this evening/afternoon, but wanted to put up some promised photos!

Leaves from our yard

Friday, October 22, 2010

I caved in (day 38)

I had to get a new computer.  I tried to edit on my husband's last night, one photo was taking close to 20 minutes.  So if I have 2000 pics, it would take forever!  So I took a trip to Best Buy...with the girls.  Not fun, you would think I would have learned my lesson from the other times, but I had no choice.  My husband was at his parents' house helping with some stuff.  So to the store we went.

Once we got there I scurried to the back with the laptops.  A girl came over to offer her expertize, my baby immediately showed no fear and held out her arms desperate to meet her.  Why do I have to have a child that has no stranger anxiety, I mean NONE!  So the girl talks about her and how social she is, I remain patient with my older child clinging to my leg.  The clerk tells me all about the models, and I already know which one I want, something very affordable, but photo friendly.  The girl grabs the one I want, and of course tries to push more software on me, I don't bite.  I grab the box and venture to the front of the store to pay. 

My kids are starting to get very restless at this point.  The older repeatedly asking if we were going home, the younger throwing herself back trying to escape my grasp.  I finally give all my info, get the computer and leave the store thinking the hard part was over.  Boy was I wrong.

I strap the girls into their seats, give the baby a toy, remind the older to look out the window.  We head off down the road and get about 2 miles into the drive when all heck breaks loose.  The older keeps telling me her stomach hurts and she has to "burp"  her word for puke.  Choking, gagging, not able to breath flip out.  The ride home was quite the fiasco.  Luckily we made it back home in one piece.  If they keep this behavior up then I am not sure I can handle another trip anywhere.  I know it is supposed to get better, but when?  We want to have more kids, but it is hard taking two places, what will I do with three?  Never leave the house?  Anyways, like I said, not an easy night, I know I promised photos, but I was going to take them after we got back from the store.  Haha, that wasn't going to happen especially with their behavior for the evening.  Really bad night, but now it is better since they are asleep.  I will get to them sometime I will...So now I am using my cost effective, but nice new laptop that will take a few months to pay off (yuck), but it was something I had to have to run my business, now back to editing pictures.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boxes (day 37)

Isn't it amazing how great a child's toy a box is?  My husband brought home this massive box today from work, I mean, this thing is great, very sturdy (he was able to sit on top of it when put together) and big enough for all the kids to get into. 

Once he pulled it out of the truck and put it together you should haves seen my oldest's eyes light up, she knew exactly what it was for and once the door and window were cut out of it she had a ball.  She'd walk into it, look out the window with those big eyes of hers and say "Daddy, you need to get me".  Of course who can refuse that.  So he would tickle her through the door and the giggle fits would ensue.  All the while the baby would peek through the door to me at the window, she wouldn't dare get in it, even though she can easily stand in it, but for some reason she was terrified from the inside. 

It was great, the box games lasted from when my husband got home until bed time, and I am sure that tomorrow will be a full day of box adventures, in fact my husband is bringing home another identical box tomorrow, boy will the girls be excited, we are going to put another door on the old box, a window and door on the new box, and tape them together.  What a cheap and perfect gift.  In fact, I do believe that it will last a long time, we are going to paint the box and keep it for a playhouse, yes, it is that good of a box!

I promise, tomorrow I will take pictures of the girls in their box and post them for the world to see, I am really excited about these.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Still No Computer (day 36)

I called HP today about my laptop.  They will not replace the malfunction, the part that is broken is not under warranty.  They told me that in order for it to work I have to pay over $300, plus another $50 to back everything up.  Frustrating, so I have to post on a very small netbook that we have.  I mean, I am grateful that I have a computer, it just makes some areas of my life more difficult, such as photos.  My laptop was where I could edit my pics, usually during naptime, and I could edit quietly while the kids slept.  Can't do that now, I have to edit in the living room, which is with the older computer, so it takes longer to edit, and I can only do it after the kids have gone to bed for the night and be very quiet about it.  It just makes it a lot harder, but I have no choice, not much money in the budget for a new laptop, at least not right now, maybe when we get money back from taxes. 

I do know that I wil not be buying from HP again, I mean that laptop was one year and a week old, not acceptable, at all.  Good thing it wasn't a top of the line computer, although then it probably wouldn't have broke, I know I can get it fixed when I get it back (and probably cheaply).  Anyways, I have  a point to this post, I haven't been putting up photos lately, and that is why, it is really a pain to do so with this computer, there isn't much room left on it, so I have to delete other things to get the photos on it, then there are no editing tools, well that is that.  Hopefully things work themselves out pretty soon.  I will be putting up some photos in the near future, just be patient. :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shopping (day 35)

Today I took both the girls grocery shopping.  I don't do this often, but my husband had to work late and we were dangerously low on everything.  I decided to venture out with my girls, go to the bank, then scamper off to the store for the weekly bags of food.

We get to the bank where I put the little one down and she hurries off to some older gentleman where she wants him to pick her up.  Silly girl, I need to teach her just a little bit of stranger danger, she will let anyone hold her, as long as she is being picked up.  So I go grab her and my older daughter and off we go to the dreaded grocery store.

Once I clean the seats and bars, strap the baby in, get the older babe into the back we head through the aisles.  My older daughter relentlessly wanted everything and of course I had to hear all about it.  The baby continuously attempted to stand in the seat, she wanted out something fierce.  Halfway through the trip I hear the dreaded words "mommy I have to go peepee".  Not much I could do there, so I ask if she can wait just a littel bit, she says yes. Thank goodness.  So I hurry through the rest of the aisles and throw my food into the basket.  I make it to the check out aisle and the baby is DONE.  She is crying, throwing herself back and trying to get out of the car.  So I pick her up and she wants down.  Too bad, she'll have to get over it.  So everything goes as smoothly as expected with a 1 and 3 year old.  Then it happens, the clerk picks up the bottle of detergent by the lid, which someone had unscrewed, of course I didn't have that problem because I had picked it up by the handle.  Anyways, the detergent dumps over everything including the scanner, which shuts down the entire check out process for about 15/20 minutes.  So the bagger and clerk are cleaning up, I am holding a crying baby and putting my groceries into bags and trying to get my older daughter to sit down.  She finally finishes and I make it out the door just a little bit flustered.  We make it home, and of course my older babe has an accident of the floor bless her heart.  She did good since she had to hold it so much longer than expected.  Anyways, this was why I dont' take my girls to the grocery store.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Long Weekend! (Day 34)

Wow, where to begin?  I'm guessing at the beginning...This past weekend the girls, and I went to Houston, I had some photography jobs and wanted to visit my friends and family to celebrate a new house and a birthday.

The ride down went very smoothly much to my amazement, the girls slept, and I got to listen to my music, which doesn't happen much.  We got to my dad's house and the girls were up and rearing to go.  They love Grandpa's house, he shows the girls the cats, and dog.  They run around and get completely worn out, then don't go to sleep to save my life.  The baby slept in a crib at a the end of the twin bed I shared a bed with the older girl, or should I say she slept in 3/4s of it, and I clung to the side for dear life.  Needless to say, it was not a good night.  The baby woke up about 4 times, and I had to be out of the house by 7 to get to the shoot.  So I relentlessly woke up and made my way to the shoot, exhausted.

The shoots went wonderfully.  I got some awesome awesome shots and I can't wait to share them with my clients.  I love photography, I wish it was something that I could devote more time to, maybe once all the kids are in school, that would be great.

So after the shoots I made my way back to Dad's house, wrangled the girls and headed to Laura's beautiful new house.  I wouldn't mind moving to a nice new house, but I know that that won't happen for a long time.  So I got a crazy idea, have my husband remodel the kitchen.  That is my big beef with this house, in fact when we bought it he promised me that one day it will be my dream kitchen.  Everything else inside the house is great (except for a miniature hallway, but that's another story), but the kitchen is a cave.  Literally it is in the shape of a box with a drop down ceiling.  I know he could do it, and what would make it look wonderful wouldn't cost hardly anything, he is awesome with building, I mean, awesome.  He has this talent to create, and does a wonderful job at it, so I am hoping that I can persuade him to come to my side of this renovation.  Of course we will have to save up a tiny bit and pay off the demanding hospital bills, but other than that, it would be AWESOME.

So back to Laura.  The house is huge, and beautiful, I am so happy that she is able to achieve her dream, and get the house she wanted.  My oldest had a great time with Laura's girl, and then we went out the dinner with Laura, her sister, and my other bff( it was her birthday), and my mom.  It was good, except for my oldest's relentless needing to go potty, but not really, more like she wanted to walk around, and the youngest's fake out dirty diaper, then freak out towards the end.  So I had to leave early, but that was to be expected since we went at 7 which is bedtime.

Later I went to Mom's house, and crashed, well tried to.  My youngest had to sleep in a pack n play, well, she freaked out, and stayed up pretty much till 3am.  Then I had had it, and slept on the couch, which surprisingly is what it took to get her to sleep, the absence of Momma from the room, go figure. 

Yesterday, we hung out and just relaxed, it was magnificent.  Mom even watched the girls so I could take a much needed nap, thanks Mom, you're the best.  Well, I know this is kinda rushed, but I have lots to do and it is already almost 8:30, so gotta go...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

phone blog (day 33)

very long day...  i am actually blogging from my phone, first for me.  talk about it tomorrow.  my caps don't work for some reason...weird

Friday, October 15, 2010

Houston Bound (Day 32)

This evening I am going to Houston for a photo shoot, my best friend's birthday, and my other best friend is moving!  It's exciting going there since it has been a long time since I have been there.  I was supposed to go about a month ago, but got stuck here with rain.  I am hoping that I am able to fulfill my blogging promise with post for the next two days.

The one thing I am not looking forward to is the drive.  I have to put things in place to make sure it goes smoothly.  I got the baby up early from nap so she'll sleep in the car, my oldest can't eat right before we leave, but if she eats to early then we also risk car sickness.  All the fun factors that come along with parenting.  But I am super excited about this weekend.  The shoots should be great, I have several and everyone knows that I love taking pictures.  Anyways, I just wanted to complete a quick post before I started to get ready, and now it is time for me to start packing!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

So sweet (day 31)

I do art every day with the kids.  We change it up every time which is hard to do every single day.  I have found some websites that give me some creative ideas.  Anyways, today I wanted the kids to color themselves...not what you are thinking, not literally.  I took some photos of the kids today, and made them into color sheets.  Really cool, they loved it.  Well, usually I give the baby a piece of paper and a crayon, place her hand holding the crayon to the to the paper and lead her to color.  After a few seconds she wants nothing of that, and the crayon makes its way into her mouth where I end up fishing specks of crayon out for a few minutes, take it away, then put some puffs on her tray.

Well today was different, well sort of.  I gave the other kids their photos that looked like coloring sheets, and their crayons, and they went to town.  Then I watch the baby for a minute as she longingly stared at their masterpieces, I could tell she wanted her own.  So I made her a sheet, placed the crayon in her hand, and...she colored on the paper. It wasn't much, but they were her first markings ever, and I have it to save in my time capsule.
You see it, the few scratches of blue going on the face and below the chin?  Cute huh? And the hand print...So I decided to make them even more adorable, I know doesn't seem possible, but it was.  I had each of the kids put their hand print on it.  Have you ever seen a young child get their hand painted, quite adorable.  The way their fingers scrunch together trying to contain their giggles from the tickling.  Then once the paint is on their hand they start squeezing them together to let the paint ooze through their fingers.  So much fun.  And let me tell trying to open their hands up to place it correctly on the paper in an attempt not to make one big smudge, not easy, but doable.  The baby's actually turned out very good, to my complete surprise, she flattened them out right at the perfect moment and I got a great print.
Here is the oldest's artwork, I am going to cherish it forever or until they want to take it from me to show their kids how cute they were.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I wonder (Day 30)

This morning I was watching my baby play.  She would go over to a toy, pick it up, look it over, put it down, pick it up once again, look at it, put it down, then hobble over to the next toy, the same little routine over and over again.  Then I started to wonder, what is it like to be a babe.  New and innocent to this world, every item, new and exciting through her eyes.  The exhaustive (at least to me) learning, contemplative stares.  Taking in this grand new world.  A place that she is experiencing for the first time.  She is an explorer, an adventurer, a daredevil.

She learned to climb onto any and all furniture really quickly, I guess it is that tiny body, it makes it easy for pulling up! And boy is she fast, she will do something she knows she isn't supposed to, look at me, then take off.  I sometimes have to sprint just to catch up with her, then she flashes that little grin, you know, the one you can't resist but melt over.

And she has the most innocent expressions, but we all know, that they are very well put together.  She knows exactly how to push my and my husbands buttons, then turn on the charm, oh she is good.    She is so precious, and perfect, hopefully it last a long time.

Then there's my oldest, she is my tiny Mommy.  She loves to take care of everyone.  She is always "taking my blood pressure" with her little dr. kit.  She loves to feed everyone, even if it is just plastic. 
And those eyes, she is going to be a heartbreaker, oh I don't want her to ever date, or even think about boys.  I wonder if I can keep her to myself forever, although I might be eating those words once the dreaded teenage years take over, I am scared, two teenage girls in the house, ugh, don't want to think about it.  The makeup, the borrowing of each others clothes, the arguments, the...driving, yeah, don't want to think about it.  I will live in my little bubble of innocence until then, and just look at my amazingly perfect girls, and dream about how they will never grow up and stay my babies, in a perfect world.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Old(Day 29)

That is how I am feeling today, old.  Where has the time gone?  It seems like yesterday I was a carefree teenager, and now I am a wife and mother.  Life goes by so fast, yet every day seems to wander on and on.  My oldest is already three, the baby is over one, I know I will blink and the girls will have graduated high school, what a scary thought.  We have lived in this house for five years, we said we wouldn't be here that long, this was our first house, and just a fixer upper until we got our real house.  This has turned into our "real" house.  No longer the fixer upper, but fixed, and kinda nice.  But I still feel old. 

I have been working out, eating healthier, playing with the kids outside most of the day.  Not sitting around much, just living.  But there are so many things I want to do in life.  Go on vacations, make more  You know, things out of the ordinary.  I would love to do more with my children and husband.  Of course money is a key factor in that, one day when I win the lottery (lol).  I guess I should start playing the lottery huh?  Do more things before I get older, which is inevitable.  I am completely rambling, I guess that is what happens when I watch tv and try to blog, but this is the only time I get to myself so I must multi task.  I will write more coherent blogs in the future, you know after I have lived :) and have more to write about.  Until then I will just get older, and try my best.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Good Day (day 28)

Oh what a day.  It went by so fast, and I believe it has a lot to do with a very strict schedule with the kids.  I think kids do better with structure and structure was brought.  So today I taught the older kids that song "head, shoulders, knees, and toes".  It was adorable, my oldest was singing it and and instead of singing knees she was saying "legs".  It is funny watching all the new things a three year old learns.  You can see the wheels turning in their heads.  So after that awesome song, yeah, maybe I don't get out much, just kidding.  We did some coloring, and arts and crafts, this week we are learning about the letter E.  It is funny, every week we learn a new letter, but it seems to take until Friday for them to get it.  So all week I tell them about the letter, we sing about it, learn words about it, color it, talk about it, and every time I say what letter does _____start with, and they always answer with the week before letter, until Friday,  somehow, magically on Friday, they get it.  On Friday, they will magically say "e" when asked what elephant starts with. 

So after arts and crafts, and nap time, gotta love nap time, we had snack then outside time.  Boy do they love to be outdoors, and who doesn't?  The weather was beautiful, the grass is nice and green, we have a huge pecan tree for shade, what's not to love?  Maybe a mosquito or two, but we have spary to take care of that. 

Well once four rolled around I decided to take the girls for a run and let them play on the playground down the road, and boy they had a blast.  The baby, my fearless child would run up the stairs, straight to the spiral slide, then try to fly down it face first before I would catch her by the legs.  We did this over and over again until I barely had enough strength to get home.  So I loaded the exhausted girls into the stroller and trudged back to the house, I let them play a little before we went it, just to make sure they were tired enough to sleep through the night, we picked some of the fallen pecans, then went inside.

I made dinner, then went to get the girls out of the playroom and noticed something quite bright on my oldest's leg, poor thing, she had fallen the other day and had quite the scrape on her leg, she had two bandaids on her leg, but they had fallen out with her sweat at the park.  She loved her bandaids, yes, loved, her words, they had princesses on them.   So when I went over to her on the couch to inspect the color and saw she had gotten two stickers and covered her boo boos.  Of course I had to take them off which proved quite painful and recovered it with a real bandaid.  It was kinda funny. 

So we had a great day, lots of fun, lots of learning, dancing, singing, and of course playing.  Such is the life of a mother.

Stickers from the grocery store!

My vampire baby!

Phone baby!