Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkins(day 41)

Today I carved my first pumpkin.  Actually the kids "helped" me, and by helped I mean got grossed out by touching the pumpkin's innards.  But they did touch them and stick their hands in the pumpkins for a brief minute.  It was really cute, watching the kids run around the yard and every so often scurry over to me to check my progress.  They wanted to participate, and did in their own way.  They brought me leaves, picked seeds up off the porch, and gave me their encouragement.

The pumpkin carving was a lot more difficult than I expected.  It took me awhile to realize that it is a lot easier to get the guts out with a spoon rather than my hands.  Boy was it messy, and it didn't help that I had a dog trying to steal any part of the pumpkin that she could for her own personal meal.  

We sat outside, I lazily carved the pumpkin, the kids played in the yard for over two hours.  They had a blast, I accomplished my task of pumpkin carving.  It is not much to look at, but once that candle gets placed into it and lit up, I think it looks pretty good.

Can you tell who it is?  Yep, Mickey Mouse!  I know, not the best, but hey, not too bad for my first.  The kids LOVED it.  Right now they are going through a Mickey stage, so this was just awesome for them.  After the pumpkin was carved I brought them in, lit the pumpkin and brought it into the playroom to let them see it in all its glory.  Each kid had to come up to it and take a peak inside.  They were in awe by the pumpkin, of course it doesn't take much to make 3 and 1 year old babes happy!


  1. You did a phenomenal job on carving your first pumpkin! You went all artistic on me lol I do the regular kind of face so major kudos to you!!!! Love the pics

  2. Nice work! I love your pumpkin! My 3-year old was super squeamish about the pumpkin gooey-ness last year...she's doing a bit better this year! Thanks for the follow--I'm also following you now too. :)
    ps. What are the day counts?

  3. Thanks! What do you mean by day counts?

  4. Oh just realized you meant in the title! I am trying to do a blog post a day for the entire year, and add a photo to it, just so I can look back one day and have the entire year of thoughts!!

  5. What a great job with the pumpkin carving. LOVE Mickey Mouse.