Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shopping (day 35)

Today I took both the girls grocery shopping.  I don't do this often, but my husband had to work late and we were dangerously low on everything.  I decided to venture out with my girls, go to the bank, then scamper off to the store for the weekly bags of food.

We get to the bank where I put the little one down and she hurries off to some older gentleman where she wants him to pick her up.  Silly girl, I need to teach her just a little bit of stranger danger, she will let anyone hold her, as long as she is being picked up.  So I go grab her and my older daughter and off we go to the dreaded grocery store.

Once I clean the seats and bars, strap the baby in, get the older babe into the back we head through the aisles.  My older daughter relentlessly wanted everything and of course I had to hear all about it.  The baby continuously attempted to stand in the seat, she wanted out something fierce.  Halfway through the trip I hear the dreaded words "mommy I have to go peepee".  Not much I could do there, so I ask if she can wait just a littel bit, she says yes. Thank goodness.  So I hurry through the rest of the aisles and throw my food into the basket.  I make it to the check out aisle and the baby is DONE.  She is crying, throwing herself back and trying to get out of the car.  So I pick her up and she wants down.  Too bad, she'll have to get over it.  So everything goes as smoothly as expected with a 1 and 3 year old.  Then it happens, the clerk picks up the bottle of detergent by the lid, which someone had unscrewed, of course I didn't have that problem because I had picked it up by the handle.  Anyways, the detergent dumps over everything including the scanner, which shuts down the entire check out process for about 15/20 minutes.  So the bagger and clerk are cleaning up, I am holding a crying baby and putting my groceries into bags and trying to get my older daughter to sit down.  She finally finishes and I make it out the door just a little bit flustered.  We make it home, and of course my older babe has an accident of the floor bless her heart.  She did good since she had to hold it so much longer than expected.  Anyways, this was why I dont' take my girls to the grocery store.

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