Sunday, October 10, 2010

Playroom (day 27)

I did some major organizing today!  We have  a fairly nice playroom in the back of our house, we use it for the girls, and for my husband and me to unwind at the end of the day to watch tv or a movie.  I wanted a little more.  I watch kids during the day, and I really wanted to make the playroom into more of a preschool room.  I divided it into centers, a book center, home center, arts/craft center, and a dress up center. 

I have decided to become more organized in my life, so why not start with a huge chunk of my day and organize the kids and my life.  Teach them, become more structured, that is my goal.  I mean we do learn every day, but I want to really focus on it, and have a better set schedule, as well as a schedule can be incorporated into 1 and 3 year old lifes.  It'll work, I just have to give it time.  I am rather excited about tomorrow morning.  We brightened up the room with new lights, I put colorful decorations up, I put up a nice circle time center, yes, I am excited.  It feels like I am starting to teach again, and this will be my classroom.

For those of you that don't know me through anything other than the blog, I taught high school for over four years, so this is really taking me back.  I do want to get more stuff for the room, but so far so good.  I would post pictures, but am being slightly lazy with getting the camera out, like I said, I've been organizing today, and along with organizing major cleaning, so I quite tired.  Anyways, that was my day, I know boring for most, but exciting for me.  Hopefully tomorrow's blog will be a little more interesting...Night.

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  1. That is awesome! Must bring back the old days for ya. Go you :o)