Monday, October 18, 2010

Long Weekend! (Day 34)

Wow, where to begin?  I'm guessing at the beginning...This past weekend the girls, and I went to Houston, I had some photography jobs and wanted to visit my friends and family to celebrate a new house and a birthday.

The ride down went very smoothly much to my amazement, the girls slept, and I got to listen to my music, which doesn't happen much.  We got to my dad's house and the girls were up and rearing to go.  They love Grandpa's house, he shows the girls the cats, and dog.  They run around and get completely worn out, then don't go to sleep to save my life.  The baby slept in a crib at a the end of the twin bed I shared a bed with the older girl, or should I say she slept in 3/4s of it, and I clung to the side for dear life.  Needless to say, it was not a good night.  The baby woke up about 4 times, and I had to be out of the house by 7 to get to the shoot.  So I relentlessly woke up and made my way to the shoot, exhausted.

The shoots went wonderfully.  I got some awesome awesome shots and I can't wait to share them with my clients.  I love photography, I wish it was something that I could devote more time to, maybe once all the kids are in school, that would be great.

So after the shoots I made my way back to Dad's house, wrangled the girls and headed to Laura's beautiful new house.  I wouldn't mind moving to a nice new house, but I know that that won't happen for a long time.  So I got a crazy idea, have my husband remodel the kitchen.  That is my big beef with this house, in fact when we bought it he promised me that one day it will be my dream kitchen.  Everything else inside the house is great (except for a miniature hallway, but that's another story), but the kitchen is a cave.  Literally it is in the shape of a box with a drop down ceiling.  I know he could do it, and what would make it look wonderful wouldn't cost hardly anything, he is awesome with building, I mean, awesome.  He has this talent to create, and does a wonderful job at it, so I am hoping that I can persuade him to come to my side of this renovation.  Of course we will have to save up a tiny bit and pay off the demanding hospital bills, but other than that, it would be AWESOME.

So back to Laura.  The house is huge, and beautiful, I am so happy that she is able to achieve her dream, and get the house she wanted.  My oldest had a great time with Laura's girl, and then we went out the dinner with Laura, her sister, and my other bff( it was her birthday), and my mom.  It was good, except for my oldest's relentless needing to go potty, but not really, more like she wanted to walk around, and the youngest's fake out dirty diaper, then freak out towards the end.  So I had to leave early, but that was to be expected since we went at 7 which is bedtime.

Later I went to Mom's house, and crashed, well tried to.  My youngest had to sleep in a pack n play, well, she freaked out, and stayed up pretty much till 3am.  Then I had had it, and slept on the couch, which surprisingly is what it took to get her to sleep, the absence of Momma from the room, go figure. 

Yesterday, we hung out and just relaxed, it was magnificent.  Mom even watched the girls so I could take a much needed nap, thanks Mom, you're the best.  Well, I know this is kinda rushed, but I have lots to do and it is already almost 8:30, so gotta go...

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  1. Wow you had a long and crazy weekend! I'm glad you were able to get a must deserved nap :o) Wish I could have said the same, but my job is never done!!!