Thursday, October 28, 2010

Unbelievable, a must read! (Day 43)

So today royally stunk, I mean, bottom of the barrel, pinch your nose and gag stink.  A few weeks ago I blogged about the fact that my HP Laptop broke.  I contacted HP, they said it was under warranty and sent me out a box, to my house to send the computer back in to.

A week goes by, I give them a call and ask what is going on, they tell me that the problem I am having is because the place where the computer gets plugged into power was damaged, and not covered under warranty so they were going to send it back.  I called my brother and he told me that it could possibly be fixed, and I figured I could at least get the files that were on it backed up.  I had photos of my kids and other important documents that did not get backed up when the computer broke.

Fast forward to today, I decide to give HP a call, I have not heard back from them, and still did not have the computer in my hands.  I get ahold of customer service rep in India, give him my crucial information, and you want to know what he tells me.  "Your address is ____FLORIDA, and you have already received your computer and it was signed by C. Price"   WHAT!!!!!  "NO, I live in TEXAS, My name is Sara, and I don't know anyone in Florida".  "well ma'am someone named C. Price (I thought they told me the name was Charlie because they kept saying C as in Charlie) signed for it, and since it was signed for it is out of our hands.   Talk about LIVID.  This computer has all my financial information, photos, and important documents on it, and is in the hands of a complete stranger states away. 

So I try to compose myself and ask what they are going to do, they said they would contact Fed Ex and give me a call in a couple of days, BS, I wanted to speak to someone NOW.  They told me that their supervisor would not be in until 8am pacific time (11am our time).  So I hang up and call back again in hopes to speak to someone higher up.  I get a csrep, and the same stuff, they tell me there is nothing they can do and there were no supervisors.  So I call back one more time and I was getting to the point where you could probably see steam come out of my ears.  I get on the phone, they tell me that they have contacted Fed Ex, and since the package was signed for they can't return it!!! Then the kicker...they tell me the only thing I can do was go to FLORIDA AND PICK IT UP MYSELF!!!!  So at this point I am crying, I can't even raise my voice I am so angry.  I had to walk to the dining room, I could still see the kids, but they didn't know I was upset.  I take a few ok lots of deep breaths because I am about to lose it.  I tell them I want my computer back and I want it back ASAP.  They again tell me that I will have to go and pick it up myself.  So let me get this straight, they want me to go to a stay hundreds of miles away, ring the doorbell to a complete strangers house, and ask my laptop back...doubtful.  So I hang up on this imbecile, and call back again.  This time I get a supervisor, or something that is supposed to be like it.  She gives me a name, which I don't understand, and I ask for an email address which she says she doesn't have.   I called BS.  I give her my information again, she proceeds to tell me that it is MY FAULT that they sent it to the wrong address.  She said I must have called in and changed the shipping address, why would I do that.  I don't know anyone in Florida and why in the world would I send MY computer to a stranger with my last name.  So I ask them to connect me to someone in the United States that I can talk to, they tell me there is no one, I have to deal with them, and no one else!!!

So at this point I am spent, my lovely wonderful brother calls me and tells me he found the number to corporate office in California.  I give it a call and lo and behold, an American.  I give the woman my information and everything that has happened, I tell her all the things that they told me including having to go pick it up myself.  She says that it says in the notes that they told me that and that they were being ridiculous.  She investigates and apparently someone with the same last name as me called in, the operator did not go through the correct channels to verify them and my account and this C. Price's account got mixed up.  So now some stranger in Florida has my computer with all my info on it.

They told me they will try to get the computer back and if not they will replace it.  I told the woman that it would be great if they got mine back, but it doesn't make up for the fact that all my private and personal information is stored on it and my identity could easily be stolen, plus if I don't get it back those photos of my kids that were not backed up are gone forever.

So I filed a police report and changed passwords on some accounts, but this person has had my info since Monday, so who knows what is happening.  I haven't heard back from HP, but I am contacting a lawyer and see if any legal actions should be taken.  I have never done anything like this or had anything like this happen to me but I am at a loss.


  1. Don't worry sweetie! I am making a few phone calls and I'll find one of my friends to represent you!!! You do have a valid case and need justice :o) Try not to worry too much sweetheart, it'll be okay in time! I'll keep you and your account info in my prayers.

  2. whoops i was signed in under my dads email address I use for his pits. Sorry!

  3. That's awful! It is completely their fault, though. Wow. I suppose you can always hope that whoever claimed your computer in Florida isn't completely malicious...
    Good luck!
    (visiting from MBC)