Thursday, October 7, 2010

What A Day! (Day 24)

So I went out, well not really, I took the girls, and my lovely sister in law on a little shopping trip.  Not much of a shopping trip since you have to have money to have a nice shopping trip, which I don't have.  Well, I had expected to hav a peaceful trip, just me and my lonesome, setting off to Best Buy and Hobby Lobby, peace and quiet, my husbande have the kids.  That didn't happen, he had to work late, which is great, more money for shopping trips **wink wink**, not really, more like for hospital bills.  Any ways, I ventured out, which I rarely do, have you ever taken a barely 3 year old, and barely 1 year old to stores that don't have much for them, yeah, not fun.   So I pick up my brave sister in law, didn't mention that she has an 8 month old, yeah, gluttons for punishment.  We strap him in between my girls, which makes them squeal with delight. 

We make it to Best Buy in one peace, no car sickness, not many tears, all awake, yay!  I run in and grab Beauty and the Beast, one of my favorite classics since it was promised to my oldest a long time ago for her great potty training.  I sprint back to the car, everyone is good, Bailey is giddy over her princess movie.  Next, Hobby Lobby, not so pleasant, but ok, I bought some arts and crafts supplies for the kids since they had it on sale for 50% off, gotta love a good deal, by the end of this store, the kids are starting to go bananas and are starving, so we decide to go to Roadhouse Cafe, yummy.  

As soon as we walk in we can tell what the staff is thinking, "great, three little kids, ugh", but they were great.  We shared an entre, loaded up on their awesome bread and peanuts, drank lots of water (two potty trips for my oldest) and hardly spent any money and came out full.  Of course it is a bonus that this was the type of restaurant that you can throw your shells on the floor, so the kids mess kinda vanished under the shells and the waitstaff seemed pleasantly surprised at how well behaved the kids were.  So we decided that since the kids were in great moods we would try our luck at one more store...Target, we should have known better.

One of my first post is about going to Target, in fact that was the last time I went there, that's right, I don't get out much, remember, I have kids.  Anyways, we pull up to the store and park, and right next too me pulls up my biggest pet peeve.  Two woman in an older model Jeep Cherokee, and four kids.  Well there are only 5 seat belts, so the driver walks around to the trunk pops it open and the other women gets out.  The maybe 13 year old gets out of the front seat then I notice the back seat.  3 children, two toddlers, and one 9 month old.  The toddlers maybe 2 and 3 in booster seats, not properly restrained, and the 9 month old in an infant seat, the seat TURNED ARROUND, NOT EVEN BUCKLED IN!!  And the reason I know that is because the mom saw our three kids, and joked about how small they were compared to her 20 something pound nine month old, as the child swung her legs that did not fit into the carseat.  Irritating, and yes, I tend to rant when I see something like that, those poor kids, not their fault but the ignorant mother.  My little one is still rear facing, in a convertible seat, and will remain that way until after she turns two.  It is unsafe, and not just the fact that her nine month old was forward facing, but not even buckled in, ugh, there needs to be some sort of test to become parents!!!

Alright, rant over, so anyways, we go into Target, and I start shopping, that is when all hell breaks loose.  The baby won't sit, so I end up holding her, my oldest is begging for stuff, and I can't find all the things I am looking for.  Meanwhile, my nephew is being an angel, poor sister in law, but to be fair, she was forewarned.  My oldest needs wings for her Tinker Bell costume, we walk back to the far side of the store, all of the sudden my baby's diaper goes from being maybe damp, to a fool on flood.  Remeber all the water I told you we drank at dinner, yep, down my side, my leg, into my shoe, everywhere, and she had a big ole smile on her face.  It didn't faze her,  but you bet it fazed me, we rushed out of there, I changed her, got the kids in the car, and we were on our way home.  Not a fun ride, but it was kinda ok, except for my oldest's relentless "mama, mama, mama, mama," me: "yes baby?" her: "turn the light on"  me: "no" baby: "mama, mama, mama, mama, mama..." you get the picture. 

Well that was my night, very um for a lack of better word, interesting, and not for the faint of heart, but we made it out unscathed.  It will probably be awhile before I do it again, and my sister in law probably thinks were are crazy, but she knew that before we went!

No pictures today, because it was crazy and hectic, plus it is hard to get them on this stupid netbook (remember my laptop is broken, and the desktop is crazy loud).  Maybe tomorrow!

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  1. Awe!!! We were going to go to this Target, but we didn't because I went that morning and unfortunately they didn't have what I wanted. Anywho... I'm glad you all had a good time except for the last half hour!!!