Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween (day 44)

The leaves are falling, the weather is cooling off, the holidays are around the corner, and this weekend is Halloween.  My oldest is so excited, this year she gets it, she knows she is going to go to houses, knock on doors, and get some CANDY.  What she doesn't know is that she won't get that much of it, maybe a few pieces spread out over days.  But that doesn't detract away from the fact that it will be so much fun.

So we are all looking forward to trick or treating and having a fun filled day at the house.  Today was also good.  We had more fun activities with the kids, we made Halloween cookies.  I have this great box of cookie cutters that I got awhile ago.  I have been attempting to use all of them spread out over time.  So we made cat, bat, pumpkins, moon, and ghost cookies.  The kids love to watch the kitchenaid stir the batter.  The kids then get to chose which cookie cutters they like better and press down on the dough to create their shapes.  The kids grinned and giggles and the cookies went into the oven. 

While we waited for the cookies to bake the kids played, then help me stir the food coloring into the icing mix.  Their eyes lit up when the red and yellow mixed to create orange, the orange, blue, and green mash to become black.  They loved it. 

Next week will be the start of Thanksgiving month, and boy do I have lots to be thankful for, a loving husband, beautiful kids, great jobs, and more.  I know there are things that need to improve, but who's life is so perfect that improving isn't in the cards.

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