Monday, October 4, 2010

Starting over (day 21)

Well today I started over again.  I broke out the old jogging sneakers that had been taking a hiatus in the closet.  It has been almost two months since the last time I ran, and I could tell.  I told the girls to get their shoes on and grabbed an older bag of crackers, not moldy or anything , just opened, perfect to feed the ducks at the pond I had chosen to run to.

My oldest ran up to me clinging to the baby's  shoes in a hurry to get everything ready to go in the stroller, her little feet looking a little funny, in her rush she put her shoes on backwards.  I change them, then get Kate ready.  It was time to get back into shape, take control of my life and body and go.

See the thing is, I am going to be 30 in less than two months.  It is different when you are turning 20, and definitely not as exciting as 21, nothing fun comes with this number, except the feeling of being older, ten years from... *gulp*... 40.  I thought for sure I would be done having children by now, and we still want one more, which might be a year or two down the road.  So my goal is to be nice and somewhat thin by my birthday.  Anyways, back to my story.

Well, I get the jogging stroller out of the garage, and have my husband air up the tires, deflated from lack of use, strap the kids off and run like the wind.  Well, not quite, I get about a quarter mile down the road, and pretty much am done with the running, I can barely breath and my lungs hurt.  Sad I know.  I was running several miles every day, and now, it hurt, not just my legs, but everything.  Shakily, I continue down the trail, my oldest begs me to go faster, which at this point isn't happening.  We get to the hill, I feel my legs give into the momentum and we cruise to the park, up to the ducks.  It is such a beautiful day, we sit, enjoy the weather, look at the water, feed the ducks,and I shoo away the goose threatening my daughters with their hisses and evil stares.  Now it is time to retreat back to the stroller and journey on home.  I think Bailey knows that I am exhausted so I don't get any more pleas to go any faster.  We make it home, I take the girls out of the stroller and we proceed to the grass to let the girls venture around for awhile.  My oldest heads to the rope swing,the baby and I lay in the grass and play.  My husband joined us, pushing the oldest higher and higher, her squealing with joy.

What a wonderful way to end the day.  I will continue on with this lifestyle, active, healthy, and fun.  I will teach it to my daughters and all will be wonderful.

Yummy Crayon Mom

Playing outside!

Sisterly Love

We are going to have a TON of Pecans this year, maybe I'll learn how to make pecan pie!


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  2. What beautiful girls! That is awesome that you are making healthy choices so that your kids can be healthy also. I am striving for the same. It can be such a chore sometimes but the end result is so worth it.

    I found you from MBC and would love a follow back:)

  3. Super cute kiddos you have there!

    Pecan Pie isn't hard - at least it never has been for me. My hubby loves it!!

    New follower from MBC! Glad I found you! :)

    ~ Sweet Mummy

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