Monday, October 11, 2010

Good Day (day 28)

Oh what a day.  It went by so fast, and I believe it has a lot to do with a very strict schedule with the kids.  I think kids do better with structure and structure was brought.  So today I taught the older kids that song "head, shoulders, knees, and toes".  It was adorable, my oldest was singing it and and instead of singing knees she was saying "legs".  It is funny watching all the new things a three year old learns.  You can see the wheels turning in their heads.  So after that awesome song, yeah, maybe I don't get out much, just kidding.  We did some coloring, and arts and crafts, this week we are learning about the letter E.  It is funny, every week we learn a new letter, but it seems to take until Friday for them to get it.  So all week I tell them about the letter, we sing about it, learn words about it, color it, talk about it, and every time I say what letter does _____start with, and they always answer with the week before letter, until Friday,  somehow, magically on Friday, they get it.  On Friday, they will magically say "e" when asked what elephant starts with. 

So after arts and crafts, and nap time, gotta love nap time, we had snack then outside time.  Boy do they love to be outdoors, and who doesn't?  The weather was beautiful, the grass is nice and green, we have a huge pecan tree for shade, what's not to love?  Maybe a mosquito or two, but we have spary to take care of that. 

Well once four rolled around I decided to take the girls for a run and let them play on the playground down the road, and boy they had a blast.  The baby, my fearless child would run up the stairs, straight to the spiral slide, then try to fly down it face first before I would catch her by the legs.  We did this over and over again until I barely had enough strength to get home.  So I loaded the exhausted girls into the stroller and trudged back to the house, I let them play a little before we went it, just to make sure they were tired enough to sleep through the night, we picked some of the fallen pecans, then went inside.

I made dinner, then went to get the girls out of the playroom and noticed something quite bright on my oldest's leg, poor thing, she had fallen the other day and had quite the scrape on her leg, she had two bandaids on her leg, but they had fallen out with her sweat at the park.  She loved her bandaids, yes, loved, her words, they had princesses on them.   So when I went over to her on the couch to inspect the color and saw she had gotten two stickers and covered her boo boos.  Of course I had to take them off which proved quite painful and recovered it with a real bandaid.  It was kinda funny. 

So we had a great day, lots of fun, lots of learning, dancing, singing, and of course playing.  Such is the life of a mother.

Stickers from the grocery store!

My vampire baby!

Phone baby!

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