Saturday, October 2, 2010

Exhausted (day 18)

Today, I went to the festival and set up a booth with my good friend Bridgette who created Luv Bug Creations (  e got there yesterday and were there from around 5:30-8:15.  We didn't get much of a turnout since it was opening night, and honestly, there weren't many people there.  We figured, oh well, we were set up, and ready for tomorrow (today),and we would have a great crowd.

This morning I dropped the girls off at there Aunt Happy's (Kathy's) house and made my way to the festival.  We needed another table, so I had an 8ft one loaded in the car.  So I lugged that huge thing to the booth.  After that I realized that I am in desperate need of working out, so that starts Monday.  Anyways, I get to the booth, finish setting up and then we wait.  No body was showing up until around 10:30, then we started to get interest.  The day went by ok, I had to pick the girls up at 12, but got there around 12:30 due to traffic, oops, sorry Aunt Happy.  But many let me tell you,they had a blast.  The weather was amazing, and they played a lot outside, so I figured the second I got them in the car they would be passed out, which was fine, we were going back to the festival, so they needed to rest a little.

Well I was right about the baby, out, my oldest on the other hand was super excited because I promised her a ride on the ponies and her face to be painted.  So we get back to the fest and poor baby's head is all catywompus and my oldest is as hyper as all get out.  So I get the girls out, put baby in the stroller (never take an umbrella stroller to a fair by a gravel road), and trudge back to the booth.

Poor Bridgette, I felt bad that she had to sit there with the booth, but she was a trooper and managed to pass out a lot of our cards.  My oldest immediately started asking for her face to be painted, I take her and after she was done and looked at herself she exclaimed "it's perfect" cute.

So we trekked to the ponies, and she had a wonderful time, her little eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning, and she couldn't stop talking about her "princess" pony, don't know, don't ask.

Oh yeah, I didn't take my camera since it was hard enough maneuvering two girls, a stroller, and a purse through the crowd, I wasn't about to take a camera, so my cell phone sufficed.   Next, my oldest asked if she could ride the train, and of course who was I to turn down a 3 year old when they asked so nicely.  Plus, it was a special day out just us.  So I took the girls over to the little buckets made to look like a train, cute, probably not the safest, but I knew I would be walking right next to them the entire time.  I was a little worried about the baby staying in, but big sister came to the rescue

My oldest is such a great and protective big sister. My baby had no clue what to think about the "train", My sweet older daughter wanted to ride it again, but I couldn't justify spending any more money on that.
  When the train and pony rides were done it was time to head back to the booth.  It is not easy to help run a both and chase after a 1 year old.  My oldest was wonderful, she played with the business cards and kept herself entertained.  The baby on the other hand was a tiny tornado, she just couldn't stay near the booth.  She kept walking over to the one next to us and tried to get the older gentleman to pick her up.  Let me tell you about the baby, she has zero stranger anxiety.  She will go up to anyone as long as she gets to be held.  It can get quite frustrating, especially around a lot of people we don't know.  I wish she would be just a tiny bit scared.

After our wonderful day with all the festivals the girls called it quits around 4, and I was happy to call it with them. So I left Bridgette, to man the fort for the rest of the time.  I really do feel bad leaving her, but it was probably much less chaotic without and 3 and 1 year old.

The girls passed out less than a mile from the festival, and slept the entire way home.  I wish I could have joined them, but it doesn't seem to safe.  So all in all, I would have to say a fairly successful day.


  1. I just found your blog through Mom Bloggers Club. I hope you're having a great weekend! I'm not far from you - I'm up in Cedar Park. I've always loved photography! I'd love to get a DSLR camera & really learn how to use it well!

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  3. What cute pictures! It looks like they had fun!
    I am now following you from MBC. I would LOVE for you to come vist me too at and/or I also have a great giveaway going on right now. It'd be great if you entered!!

  4. Hey it's alright. You've got two babies that come first and they were fine! It was nice having you three around :o) Especially with Bailey telling me "I so prrrrreettty!!" while looking at herself in the mirror! I am uploading the pictures now so I'll send'em your way soon