Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Randomness (day 22)

I have a confession to make.  Between my kids, cleaning, cooking, editing pictures, watching the kids, cooking, cleaning some more, running, going to the park and the pond I did not take pictures today.  I know, I am such a horrific mother, how dare I not take pictures of my kids today.  I had so many opportunities, just didn't have the camera strapped to me like normal, ok, not really.  It was just a very hectic day.  Mostly the cleaning.

Now if you know me, you know I don't like cleaning very much, but who does?  But I knew that I needed to spend some time on my floors, those hating, back breaking floors.  I had to muster up every fiber of my being to tackle those floors and get them to an acceptable shine.  It took awhile, and a lot of determination, but they were clean enough to eat off of, which after dinner there was probably enough food on them, you could eat off them, thank you my darling daughter.  So tomorrow I will spend some more back breaking time cleaning the floors again.  Don't worry, I cleaned up the food, but something happens between cleaning and life that makes those sparkly floors not so sparkling any more, unfortunately.

Well, I went running again tonight, more like walking at a somewhat quick pace, with a few faster sprints in between.  It was nice, the weather has been amazing, and the girls love getting out.  We went with a good friend who happens to be my neighbor, and also happens to have two daughters each four months older than my daughters.  Oh my oldest was thrilled to see her buddy, they played hard.  Hopefully, that brings a good night sleep for everyone.  I wasn't going to go tonight, I planned on running/half jogging/walking three days this week, then continue on next week all week, but my friend coaxed me into getting out and I am glad I did.  I need to keep up with the fitness, and getting the girls out of the house.  Sorry the post was a little crazy, but to be fair it was titled randomness, so that should have been a clue.  Until tomorrow...
(and yes, there will be an abundance of pics to make up)

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  1. Why is the blog post 2 hours behind, it is 8:17 but says the blog was posted at 6:17...weird.