Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Computer Mishap (Day 23)

Not such a good day today, my computer, my lifeline, my escape, has died.  Actually, the little place that you connect the power cord into broke, ugh.  This is how I work, edit, play, take a break from cleaning during nap time, well, not any more.  I'm using my husband's desktop, and I have to say, I am not used to a mouse or the keys that clang loudly, not like my laptop keys, which are pretty much inaudible.  I probably won't make this a long post for fear of the keyboard keys waking my sleeping daughter, which is a pity, I had many harsh words to spew on my laptop, and praise on my two little girls. 

I will make this quick, my oldest has a new favorite vegetable, or is it a fruit, I believe the latter, but that is neither here, nor there, she LOVES tomatoes.  Of course, the one fruit/vegetable that I hate, she devours, go figure.  We went on a family bike ride this evening, my husband pulling the girls, me lagging behind to a little family restaurant down the road.  My husband was given a salad with the meal, my oldest ate a few of his croutons, then asked to try a tomato, then another one, then another, till they were all gone.  Yay!  I guess I will be buying tomatoes on the shopping trip in a few days.  Anyways, just wanted to tell my tale of the tomato.

I better get off of here, I hear my youngest stirring, I am sure from these horrendous keys.  So as promised I leave you with a few (unedited) pictures from today, time for dressup.

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