Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Still No Computer (day 36)

I called HP today about my laptop.  They will not replace the malfunction, the part that is broken is not under warranty.  They told me that in order for it to work I have to pay over $300, plus another $50 to back everything up.  Frustrating, so I have to post on a very small netbook that we have.  I mean, I am grateful that I have a computer, it just makes some areas of my life more difficult, such as photos.  My laptop was where I could edit my pics, usually during naptime, and I could edit quietly while the kids slept.  Can't do that now, I have to edit in the living room, which is with the older computer, so it takes longer to edit, and I can only do it after the kids have gone to bed for the night and be very quiet about it.  It just makes it a lot harder, but I have no choice, not much money in the budget for a new laptop, at least not right now, maybe when we get money back from taxes. 

I do know that I wil not be buying from HP again, I mean that laptop was one year and a week old, not acceptable, at all.  Good thing it wasn't a top of the line computer, although then it probably wouldn't have broke, I know I can get it fixed when I get it back (and probably cheaply).  Anyways, I have  a point to this post, I haven't been putting up photos lately, and that is why, it is really a pain to do so with this computer, there isn't much room left on it, so I have to delete other things to get the photos on it, then there are no editing tools, well that is that.  Hopefully things work themselves out pretty soon.  I will be putting up some photos in the near future, just be patient. :)

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