Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I wonder (Day 30)

This morning I was watching my baby play.  She would go over to a toy, pick it up, look it over, put it down, pick it up once again, look at it, put it down, then hobble over to the next toy, the same little routine over and over again.  Then I started to wonder, what is it like to be a babe.  New and innocent to this world, every item, new and exciting through her eyes.  The exhaustive (at least to me) learning, contemplative stares.  Taking in this grand new world.  A place that she is experiencing for the first time.  She is an explorer, an adventurer, a daredevil.

She learned to climb onto any and all furniture really quickly, I guess it is that tiny body, it makes it easy for pulling up! And boy is she fast, she will do something she knows she isn't supposed to, look at me, then take off.  I sometimes have to sprint just to catch up with her, then she flashes that little grin, you know, the one you can't resist but melt over.

And she has the most innocent expressions, but we all know, that they are very well put together.  She knows exactly how to push my and my husbands buttons, then turn on the charm, oh she is good.    She is so precious, and perfect, hopefully it last a long time.

Then there's my oldest, she is my tiny Mommy.  She loves to take care of everyone.  She is always "taking my blood pressure" with her little dr. kit.  She loves to feed everyone, even if it is just plastic. 
And those eyes, she is going to be a heartbreaker, oh I don't want her to ever date, or even think about boys.  I wonder if I can keep her to myself forever, although I might be eating those words once the dreaded teenage years take over, I am scared, two teenage girls in the house, ugh, don't want to think about it.  The makeup, the borrowing of each others clothes, the arguments, the...driving, yeah, don't want to think about it.  I will live in my little bubble of innocence until then, and just look at my amazingly perfect girls, and dream about how they will never grow up and stay my babies, in a perfect world.


  1. What a cutie! I hear ya on the dating thing. Is 30 too soon? LOL
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