Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boxes (day 37)

Isn't it amazing how great a child's toy a box is?  My husband brought home this massive box today from work, I mean, this thing is great, very sturdy (he was able to sit on top of it when put together) and big enough for all the kids to get into. 

Once he pulled it out of the truck and put it together you should haves seen my oldest's eyes light up, she knew exactly what it was for and once the door and window were cut out of it she had a ball.  She'd walk into it, look out the window with those big eyes of hers and say "Daddy, you need to get me".  Of course who can refuse that.  So he would tickle her through the door and the giggle fits would ensue.  All the while the baby would peek through the door to me at the window, she wouldn't dare get in it, even though she can easily stand in it, but for some reason she was terrified from the inside. 

It was great, the box games lasted from when my husband got home until bed time, and I am sure that tomorrow will be a full day of box adventures, in fact my husband is bringing home another identical box tomorrow, boy will the girls be excited, we are going to put another door on the old box, a window and door on the new box, and tape them together.  What a cheap and perfect gift.  In fact, I do believe that it will last a long time, we are going to paint the box and keep it for a playhouse, yes, it is that good of a box!

I promise, tomorrow I will take pictures of the girls in their box and post them for the world to see, I am really excited about these.

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