Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Little Vent (day 19)

Well it has finally happened, I have reached the end of my money rope.  For those that know me and my family, you know there have been several trips to the hospital this year, and other medical problems.  We have insurance, that we pay tremendously for (obviously not enough), but that doesn't stop the bills from rolling in.  We are paying more in hospital bills than we pay for our mortgage.

So anyways, a few months ago (around 7) we got the bill for my oldest's 5 day hospital stay, it was thousands.  Well, since everyone else wants their bills paid off first we are already paying a ton on those every month, and stretched to our limit.  So I called the hospital, and I tell them that for now I will pay $25 a month until some of the other bills get paid off, contrary to popular belief, they don't accept it!  They tell me since the bill was so high they wanted it paid off in 6 months and wanted over $500 per month, well, I don't know where they want us to pull this money from, we just don't have it.  So we have this bill, and then today I get a huge bill from Kate's hospital stay back on Father's Day.  I am going to just start sending them checks in the mail for low payments until we can afford more, but this way they really can't deny it...can they?  They won't send it back will they?  So hopefully, these bills will be paid off, until then, we will be broke.

In lighter news, my oldest is learning some wonderful things to say *insert sarcasm*.  This morning we were getting up and the baby did something funny, don't remember what. She looks at me and says "silly turd".  You should have seen the look on my face, I wish I could have seen the look, I was mortified.   I know I have said that word in front of her yesterday on the phone, wasn't even thinking before I said it, guess I really need to watch what I say no matter how quietly I say it.  And I don't cuss in front of her, ever.  Then this evening my husband was giving her a bath, I went in there, told him to make sure she went potty before she went to bed (we have yet to have a nighttime accident **knock on wood**).  I then go to the laundry room, he comes in a little later, "you know what she told me?"  he says, no not really:  "Daddy, can I tell you a secret?  Don't tell Mommy, I peed in the bathtub"!!!!  Where does she come up with this stuff.  I could go on and on with the crazy things she ways, but it definitely puts a smile on my face especially when I know I have a ton of bills waiting for me in the dining room.

The baby on the other hand has started growling, and it is a very low, deep in the chest growl, hilarious!  And she has fully learned "no" and uses it often.  "do you want to take a nap?"  "NO"  "Do you want to take a bath?" "No"  everything is no, but that is ok, she'll learn she really doesn't have a say in the matter!


  1. Honestly, this bill from the hospital could take months and even years. I had a stay and was really upset about the service and standard of care. It was really bad so I let my insurance pay what they were suppose to...9,000 and then that was it. I pay my bills but this one wasn't going to happen - it was a nightmare. However, take note...that was 4 years ago and yes it went to collections and I tell them I'll make payments and throw the bill away. I believe once it goes to collections they HAVE to make arrangements with you. Remember the collection agency paid for the account for pennies on the dollar so they will work with you. THe hospital is trying to play hardball so they can collect the entire thing before it goes to collection. will be alright....I would however...send 25.00 a month to the hospital anyway..just to show "good faith" payments. Take care and good luck.
    OH and if you haven't already please follow me...sound trival with all the other stuff going on.

  2. Thanks for the advice, yes, I am a follower! I talked to the hospital this morning, unfortunately they don't work with anyone anymore, and it has to be paid off in a 12 month period, which equals a lot more than the 25 I was going to send them. They don't care about good faith payments. I told the guy I was going to sent the 25, he told me it wasn't enough and if I was not making the minimum payment it would still go into collections regardless. Very frustrating and corrupt system, it doesn't matter that the insurance we pay hundreds into every month already paid over 80% of the bill, they want it all.

  3. Found you on MBC and am following you now. You have such beautiful girls! I will keep your family and finances in my prayers!
    Visit me at

  4. Lifting your family and finances up in prayer. I'm now following you from MBC. When you get a moment, visit me at

  5. Sweetie they cannot resend any payments back. You could actually send them $1.00 and it is still considered a payment. As long as they receive something towards the bill they legally cannot send it to collections!!! It'll be alright :o)

  6. That's what I thought, but yeah, they said as long as I am not reaching the $300 and $127 minimum, they can send it to collections, it doesn't matter. They will take the money, but send in what is not paid off to collections.