Friday, October 22, 2010

I caved in (day 38)

I had to get a new computer.  I tried to edit on my husband's last night, one photo was taking close to 20 minutes.  So if I have 2000 pics, it would take forever!  So I took a trip to Best Buy...with the girls.  Not fun, you would think I would have learned my lesson from the other times, but I had no choice.  My husband was at his parents' house helping with some stuff.  So to the store we went.

Once we got there I scurried to the back with the laptops.  A girl came over to offer her expertize, my baby immediately showed no fear and held out her arms desperate to meet her.  Why do I have to have a child that has no stranger anxiety, I mean NONE!  So the girl talks about her and how social she is, I remain patient with my older child clinging to my leg.  The clerk tells me all about the models, and I already know which one I want, something very affordable, but photo friendly.  The girl grabs the one I want, and of course tries to push more software on me, I don't bite.  I grab the box and venture to the front of the store to pay. 

My kids are starting to get very restless at this point.  The older repeatedly asking if we were going home, the younger throwing herself back trying to escape my grasp.  I finally give all my info, get the computer and leave the store thinking the hard part was over.  Boy was I wrong.

I strap the girls into their seats, give the baby a toy, remind the older to look out the window.  We head off down the road and get about 2 miles into the drive when all heck breaks loose.  The older keeps telling me her stomach hurts and she has to "burp"  her word for puke.  Choking, gagging, not able to breath flip out.  The ride home was quite the fiasco.  Luckily we made it back home in one piece.  If they keep this behavior up then I am not sure I can handle another trip anywhere.  I know it is supposed to get better, but when?  We want to have more kids, but it is hard taking two places, what will I do with three?  Never leave the house?  Anyways, like I said, not an easy night, I know I promised photos, but I was going to take them after we got back from the store.  Haha, that wasn't going to happen especially with their behavior for the evening.  Really bad night, but now it is better since they are asleep.  I will get to them sometime I will...So now I am using my cost effective, but nice new laptop that will take a few months to pay off (yuck), but it was something I had to have to run my business, now back to editing pictures.

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