Thursday, October 14, 2010

So sweet (day 31)

I do art every day with the kids.  We change it up every time which is hard to do every single day.  I have found some websites that give me some creative ideas.  Anyways, today I wanted the kids to color themselves...not what you are thinking, not literally.  I took some photos of the kids today, and made them into color sheets.  Really cool, they loved it.  Well, usually I give the baby a piece of paper and a crayon, place her hand holding the crayon to the to the paper and lead her to color.  After a few seconds she wants nothing of that, and the crayon makes its way into her mouth where I end up fishing specks of crayon out for a few minutes, take it away, then put some puffs on her tray.

Well today was different, well sort of.  I gave the other kids their photos that looked like coloring sheets, and their crayons, and they went to town.  Then I watch the baby for a minute as she longingly stared at their masterpieces, I could tell she wanted her own.  So I made her a sheet, placed the crayon in her hand, and...she colored on the paper. It wasn't much, but they were her first markings ever, and I have it to save in my time capsule.
You see it, the few scratches of blue going on the face and below the chin?  Cute huh? And the hand print...So I decided to make them even more adorable, I know doesn't seem possible, but it was.  I had each of the kids put their hand print on it.  Have you ever seen a young child get their hand painted, quite adorable.  The way their fingers scrunch together trying to contain their giggles from the tickling.  Then once the paint is on their hand they start squeezing them together to let the paint ooze through their fingers.  So much fun.  And let me tell trying to open their hands up to place it correctly on the paper in an attempt not to make one big smudge, not easy, but doable.  The baby's actually turned out very good, to my complete surprise, she flattened them out right at the perfect moment and I got a great print.
Here is the oldest's artwork, I am going to cherish it forever or until they want to take it from me to show their kids how cute they were.

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