Monday, September 27, 2010

Transformation (Day 13)

Wow, it's been almost 2 weeks.  Sometimes the days seem to fly by, others...not so much.  So a good friend of mine, Bridgette, came up with the idea that we needed to challenge ourselves to giving up Cokes/Dr. Pepper, any type of soda in general.  I took her up on it and one upped it saying we couldn't have any for a month (of course we'll extend it to forever) and we would get pedicures.  If one of us failed the challenge then they had to pay the others way.  Well if you know me, then you know I do not want to lose this challenge.

Today was day one.  NOT FUN!  I went from 5+ Dr. Peppers a day (I know I know, please no scorn) to a big fat 0!  Let me tell you my head is pounding, everything is a fog and I could probably fall asleep standing up.  I was going to start my diet and work outs today to, but that might send my body into a coma or something... slow and steady, one day at a time.  I will start the diet on the first, so that way my body gets acclimated to no caffeine and does not go into further shock. 

So I know today has been difficult, but I do believe/know it will get easier.  I am going to do it, and hopefully not hurt anyone in the process, and I will get my healthy body back!   If anyone knows of any trick to kick the cravings, I would love love love to hear them.  So today's post is not going to be long, since I am having a hard time focusing and I will leave you with today's photos.

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  1. Awe sweetie, I'm sorry your head has been hurting you!! But remember it's going to get easier each passing day although it may not seem like it now. OMG I so don't wanna lose this bet either! It's on like DONKEY KONG lol