Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jumping Around (Day 11)

What a day!  My husband and I took the girls to a bounce house place for a birthday party, the girls had a blast.  We arrive and their eyes light up and get as round as saucers, as they try to escape from our grasp My husband and I manage to get all the shoes taken off and lined up.  We great our friends then let the girls run, and let me tell you they did.  My oldest went straight for one of the bounce houses and the baby ran up to all the strangers and told them hi.

That is the thing about the baby, she is completely fearless and has no stranger anxiety.  I am not sure how many random strangers she walked up to, but she wanted to get to know them all, ugh, I don't know what to do about her.  Then she finds the slide, and let me tell you, she had a ball going down it and it was fast, my hsuband and I could barely keep her from hitting the ground, but she didn't care, as soon as she landed she wanted to go again, silly girl.

Now my oldest on the other hand is the opposite, she is quite timid when it comes to strangers and any type of "dangerous" situations.  Although she did come out of her shell today.  She went up to a few of our friends and asked for "a big hug goodbye" her words, not mine.  She also went down the huge bouncy slide for the first time.  I honestly did not think that would happen, and after her first ride down I don't think it will again.  Poor girl, she flew down it, and somehow flipped around, then the other kids went down before she could move so they rammed into her.  She went back into her shell and I don't know when she will be courageous like that again!

So the kids continue to play, then of course cake time (but that is not as much fun as bouncing) so more bounce time, then it is time to pack it up and go home...relief.  It was a great birthday party, in fact my husband and I talked about doing that for the girls birthday next year, they all had so much fun.  We got the kids home, fed, bathed, and in bed before 8.  And if everything goes as planned they will sleep through the night, not wake up, I can get everything ready for the photoshoot tomorrow, and it will be a great day!!

Well, I gotta say goodnight, I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I had to complete my blog for the day!! Until tomorrow, Goodnight!

Some photos from today.

Kate on a slide!

What is she thinking about?

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