Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Making up stories (day 7)

So my oldest has just entered her threes.  I know you have terrible twos, but what would threes be.  There certainly have been days where terrible threes would fit, but she is getting better, although today I caught her doing something she has never done before.  Fabricating a story, or would you call it lying with a three year old.  Not sure.  Anyways, I was cleaning up after snack this afternoon and I could hear her in the playroom talking to one of her little friends.  My oldest: "I sad."  Friend:  "Oh no, why are you sad."  Now, this little friend is only a couple of days older than her...Continuing:  My oldest: "because Mommy took it."  Friend:  "Oh no, what did your mommy take."  You could hear the empathy dripping from his voice, and lately "oh no" has been his favorite saying...Continuing:  My oldest very aggressively: "Mommy took my fifty dollars and threw it in the trash." Friend: " OHHH NOOO,  that is sad." My oldest:  "Yeah, Sara," (yes she sometimes replaces Mommy with Sara), "took my money and she just threw it away."  Now this is really where she is emphasizing her words!  Friend:  "Oh no."  Finishing up her story: "and I don't know why she threw my fifty dollars away!"  oozing in sadness.

Yes folks that is my three year old, I assure you, none of this story she told her friend actually took place.  You better believe that if she had fifty dollars I would not be throwing it in the trash.  She sure was able to pull her friend into her story and get him on her side.  Although I don't condone lying, it was funny, and she sure does have an imagination.  Hopefully she does not continue doing this though, silly girl!

Here are today's photos, we had just finished lunch, my baby sure loved it, the oldest...not so much, but what's new!
Yummy Beefaroni!!
My little fabricator!!

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  1. I think it's Terrible 2's plus 1 = 3 lol Awe how I adore those girls of yours!!!