Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dr. Visit (Day 4)

Yesterday was the girls' well child check up.  You know the one, where they get their weight, height, vitals, and ...SHOTS!  Before we left I told my oldest we were going to the dr., the first thing she says "but I don't want to get shots", great, she knows, and I did not tell her.  Smart girl.  So I had to calm her down and talk to her about how we are going to Grandma and Grandpa's after, so she was a happy girl again.  Luckily, my oldest was able to go with me so that I could have some company and help, which is nice when you have two toddlers getting a slew of shots, you need lots of company, in fact we probably could have used back up, but that is neither here nor there.

So we arrive at the doctors and the girls are still in a good mood, sign in, sit in the waiting room, and still no tears, maybe this will go better than expected.  So it is finally our turn, we go back, first they weigh the baby, she has a wet diaper, which I tell the nurse before hand and she says go ahead and weigh her, I put her on the scale, 17lbs 14 oz, whoohoo, almost 18lbs.  I ask to change her right there, since she, like I had said, has a full diaper.  So she is changed on the scale, the nurse looks and says we need to reweigh her since her diaper was really wet, wait, didn't I just tell her this?  Anyways, she goes ahead and gets reweighed, 17lbs, 4 oz., yep, that diaper weighed 10 oz, and she had been changed right before we left our house.  So, not as good a weight as hoped, but what can you do?  So next, the nurse gets her height, 27 and 3/4 inches, ehh, up a few, then on to the oldest, who was just as calm as can be.  28 lbs even, and 37 inches long, so she has grown some, which if you know all of her eating difficulties is a really good thing.  Next, she gets to get her eyes checked for the first time, this was interesting, they had her look at a bunch of shapes, she gets most right, but is sorta confused between oval and circle, not bad though.

Now, on to the actual room, I wait for the freak out...nope still good, yay!  We go to the room they check hearts, ears, eyes, you know the usual, go over percentiles, kinda interesting.  The baby is not even on the charts, we are told she is just small, but try to get her up just a tad,My oldest is around the 25th percentile, not bad.  Her pedi, whom I love, told us that at the rate the oldest going she will hit 40lbs at 6 years of age, which means she has to be in her carseat five point harness until then.  Poor girl, she is going to be the only kindergarten in a carseat.  Oh well, gotta do what we gotta do.

Now on to the (not so fun) part.  Dr. Lincoln tells us that the girls need several shots, my oldest 3 plus a finger prick for anemia, thebaby needs 5 plus a finger prick, so we decide to split those up, 3 this month then 3 more in a month (her flu shot is split up also).  Well, at this point my oldest knows something is up.  She looks over at me and tells me she "don't want no shots"  poor baby, she's no dummy.  So doctor leaves, nurse comes in.  My husband grabs the oldest, puts her on his lap and holds on.  Boy is she strong, she is going crazy, they finally prick her finger, she screams, blood pours out since her adrenaline is pumping.  They finally get it under control, it'sthe baby's turn.  First thing my oldest says, "oh no, poor Baby, she has to get owies, it's alright  Baby".  She does really good, lets out a little holler, no harm done.

So now the anemia check is done, everyone looks good, on to the fun part.  The nurses come it, my husband takes the oldest over to the table, puts her on it and holds on.  By this time she is freaking out, I mean, screaming, kicking, hitting, throwing her head around, you would think an exorcism was going on, poor poor girl.  The nurse hands her a goody box full of girl toys for the oldest to hold.  This does nothing to calm the squall.  The nurses quickly stick the needles in, and put bandaids on.  You would have thought that they took off her leg by her reaction, nothing calms her down, then Kevin says "you're done".  Immediately, she stops crying and looks through the goody box, picks out a "butiful" ring and the storm is over.  On to the next kid.  Luckily, the baby has no clue what is going on, and these shots go much smoother.  She cries for all of 2 seconds and we are finally done with our shots and check up, hooray!! Luckily, my oldest won't need shots for another year so that is wonderful news.

The bad news is we never made it to Grandma's house last night, we had a few horrible storms come through and an awful wreck that I sat through for an hour, then decided to turn around and journey home (only 3 miles from the wreck).  It was quite an eventful day, glad it is over with, on to the photos of the day!

Here is the baby about to go down for her nap, she loves her animal and of course her bottle (gotta start weaning)

Now on to the oldest, having a very lazy Saturday, sitting around, not too bad:
And because I love this picture, yesterday after we got home my oldest got to try out her new rain boots

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