Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Boot Love (day 1)

Yesterday, I took the girls to Target to spend a gift card they got for their birthday, gotta love the giftcards!
So we get there and I ask my oldest what she wants, and I then realize she truly is a mini me, she wanted...clothes and shoes.  So we go get some popcorn as a special treat forher, bad idea, then head to the clothes section. After some debate over what she wanted she picks out two adorable dresses for herself and the baby so we head over to the shoe department and that's when things go crazy.

First, let me say the baby does not enjoy sitting in shopping carts, second, the strap doesn't tighten around her so she stays in the seat.  So with one had holding the baby in the cart and the other trying to get shoes out of boxes the chaos ensues.  My oldest, at that points decides to dump the entire bag of popcorn into the cart so she can see it, then pushes each kernel through the holes in the bottom of the cart.  Let me tell you, trying to clean up popcorn, keep a 12 month old from standing in the cart, and calm a crying 3 year old can put a damper on any shopping trip.  I believe this is when the child leash would come in handy... just saying.

Well, I finally work my "mommy magic" by calming my oldest down, rigging the belt to hold in my wild 12 month old, getting most of the popcorn back into the bag (don't worry, I threw it away after this), and finding the two cutest pairs of boots that both the girls love, all done with a fake smile on my face and everyone unscathed.  For the remainder of the little shopping adventure I was able to keep the baby occupied by a princess wand and the oldest got to pick out a birthday toy to add to her endless collection.

Even though it can be quite a fiasco, it can be enjoyable to get out of the house every once in a while, especially when you see the oldest's face light up when you tell her she is going shoppin'.

So I decided my first pictures for my 365 days of photos will be of the awesome outfits I got the girls with their wonderful gift cards thank you very much...

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