Friday, September 17, 2010

Growing Girls (day 3)

I always knew I wanted to have girls, I look at the relationship I have with my mom and want that, but man, I never knew it would be this hard.  We are three years into it and I swear I have two teenagers in my house.  Between the "mom, she stole my "fake" makeup", "don't I look beautiful", and the "I need new dresses" I think I am maxed out.  What are they going to be like as teenagers if this is what I am being put through at three and one?  I can already see the fighting over the car keys, if they are ever allowed out of the house, and the boyfriend stealing, if we ever allow them to date. Just this morning I was taking their day three pictures and I could already see the person my oldest was becoming, and it is scary.  She no longer looks like a toddler and already a preschooler,  but she looks so much older, she has the look I would expect from a teenage girl, and that is scary...
I mean, look at that face, is that not the face you would expect from a sleepy teenager?  "Mommmmm, why are you taking my picture?  I don't have any makeup on..."  Oh the glimpses that I get into my future, scary..

Then there is the baby, she is my get into everything girl.  I can already see the teenage years, the detentions, the adventures she will try out.  Did I mention she is my climber?  Note to self, never move into a two story house, she will for sure be climbing out of the windows at night...She loves to sit in odd places, here she is in the doll stroller, flipped around:
I have found her in many high places, including tables, chairs, couches, standing on the ride along toys just to name a few.  She is my dare devil, and that terrifies me.

I do love love love these girls and I could not imagine my life any different.  Even though there are difficult times the rewards outweigh any trial and tribulations they can put me through. 

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