Thursday, September 16, 2010

Differences (day two)

Isn't it amazing the difference a few months can make in a child? My baby is picking up so much so fast.  Six months ago she was barely crawling, finding her way around the room on her elbows and knees, she was a great army crawler.  Today, she is ruling the other kids, telling me no, or as she says, "naaoo".  She can be so mischievous,  but with one look and a quick grin she can melt my heart and make me forget what she had just done...most of the time.

And don't get me started on my oldest, who is this child? It seems like yesterday that I was rocking her to sleep, her looking up at me with those innocent eyes, me being her everything.  Today she either wants nothing to do with me, since she can do it all, or tells me how she "is big" and to "go away, I do it".  Pretty soon that will be the baby, and my house will be absent of the "mommy adoration" and I will just become the "big meanie".  Of course once a problem arises, then my mommy power will kick in and I will be adored again. 

Of course they aren't the only ones that are different.  I have probably experienced the biggest change, grown the most.  Five years ago I would never have seen myself as the woman I am today.  Five years ago I was living my life as a wife,  wondering what was next.  I would have never imagined what a wonderful path I was going to travel down.  What an amazing family I would have.  How much a person can grow in a matter of years.  Oh, I know I have a lot more growing to do, learning from my many mistakes.  But I will enjoy every (ok, maybe not every) moment of it.  I love this new phase of my life, being a mother and growing as a wife.  Sure, it can be mundane at times, but every day I know that something knew will arise.  I get to be a part of my children learning new things every day.  I get to watch them grow and experience what life has to offer them.  I get to play and take on new adventures with them, and during that time, I get to experience differences and change, and I am looking forward to it.

On to day two of pictures:  I told you she was mischievous :)

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