Friday, September 24, 2010

Date Night and Memories (Day 10)

Tonight My husband and I went on a much needed date.  I couldn't tell you how long it has been since we went out for a dinner sans kids, and it was nice.  I know I know, poor babies, why didn't you take them, don't you love them?  Yes, more than life itself, but even us mothers need a night out.  Especially if you are with your babies 24/7.

We were only gone a few hours, but let me tell you, it was great.  We we talked about old times, how everyone, including us has changed.  We were on our way home and pulled up to a red light.  Next to us were two college girls, probably freshmen with their radio blaring some ghetto music.  We joked about it, probably because it used to be us blaring that kind of music.  But we joked about how dumb they look, and probably how dumb we looked at the time.  Now, you usually find us with our music set to children's lullabies or toddler tunes, and it definitely isn't blaring, and tonight since we didn't have the kids in the car we were able to listen to (quiet) grown up music, aka country music (at least in our case).  And let me tell you, it was kinda nice!  Not trying to impress others, which is obviously what the college girls were trying to do, why else would you have your music turned up so loud that you could hear it half a mile away? 

So back to our night out, it was great, much needed, and knowing (hoping) I was going to get to come back home to a house with two sleeping babies was a wonderful thought.  So we get about a block from the house,  my husband looks at me and says "so you think our oldest  is up?"  "Yeah, probably"  I say, although secretly praying that they were both out for the night.  My husband: "Nah, I bet she's out"...We walk into the door to...

But Mommy, I'm not tired!

And the baby was also running around playing and this is at almost 9.  I know, doesn't seem that late, but for two children that normally go to bed around 7 this is very late.   But you can't fault them, Grandma was babysitting, and you know the powers of a grandma, they are so much fun and impossible to go to sleep when around.  Boy do those two girls love their grandma, and we are so grateful that she was available to babysit.  So anyways, here it is at 9:24, my blog is about done, the girls are in bed, even though I am still hearing the baby occasionally (that is when I snapped this little picture):


and I am going to sit around and be lazy for the rest of the evening, goodnight all.  
I leave you with a few more photos from this evening:

This is what someone up way past bedtime looks like

Tired, tired baby girl

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