Sunday, September 26, 2010

Photo Shoot (day 12)

So today Luv Bug Tutus and I had a fall photo shoot in the park, and I am exhausted, but it turned out to be wonderful.  The past week I had been really worried since the weather had been so unpredictable, and I knew that if my luck would have it, the shoot would be rained out.  Boy was I wrong, and in a great way.  The weather was perfect, it hovered at about 80 degrees and was partly sunny, perfect for a photo shoot.

I get to the park around 7:30, set up and have a nice turnout.  I enjoyed doing the photo shoot and got some great photos for some awesome families.  This is something I love doing, and hope to one day do a lot.  I want to write so much more on today and everything, I will try to get to it tomorrow, but duty calls (that's motherhood) so better tend to the little ones.  Here are a few pics of my girls from this afternoon!

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  1. It was a great day!!! Although it wasn't as busy as we had hoped it was great to be able to have adult conversations :o) Loved it lots!!! I know when we do a shoot in AUSTIN, it'll be 10 times better!