Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hair Cuts & Fairies (Day 9)

Wow, can't believe it has already been nine days!  Well today was a fun one, my oldest got her first "real" haircut.  My wonderful sister in law Brianna came over and we were talking about how much we needed hair cuts and how I wished her hair would even out.  So she had the bright idea to cut off the back to match the front.  I know what you are thinking, "don't do it", but it actually turned out really cute and so much less stringy, well except for the bangs, but we didn't touch those.  I would one day love all of her hair to be one length, and to get it that way, cutting the bangs is not an option!  But the back and sides look great, she no longer looks like she has a tail, and she looks so grown up!  It turned out really cute, and not as short as I expected, so yay!

She was really cute, I blow dried it after it was cut, of course she kinda freaked out about it, at first, until she saw how "beautiful" she was, her words, "momma, I'm so beautiful"  if you could hear how she says beautiful, it's great, all drawn out and long, so "beeyouuuutifulllllll", my funny girl.  Oh yeah, my husband didn't know my plans for her hair, when he got home I waited for him to notice the new 'do, nothing.  So I wait a while, still nothing, so I bring it, up his response, "really?, I can't really tell."  It honestly isn't drastic, just much needed...see for yourself:
The Process
The Back After (stating the obvious)
The finished product
So on to the Fairies, my baby has found a new activity, dress up!  I was sitting on the floor today playing with the kids and she brings me a tiara.  I put it on her head fully expecting it to be chunked to the floor forgotten as so many other toys do.  Not this time, she keeps it on her head for a given amount of time, so I decide to put some more dress up clothes, first the wings, so far so good, then the final test, the tutu (made by my good friend Bridgette).  Much to my amazement everything stays on!  So off she pranced, dancing and laughing in her Fairie Princess outfit.  She kept it on for a good hour.  She is going from being my baby to being my little girl, amazing how quickly it goes.  Here are some pictures of her dancing and prancing around:

My sweet little fairie princess

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  1. Awe! I just love Bailey's new cut. I was thinking she would have a bob as many lil' girls her age, but it's way better! Love it lots. OMG Kate loves dress up?! Yay, and her tutu fits good :o) Yippy! So very glad it turned out great and the pics rock.