Monday, September 20, 2010

Teething and stuff (day 6)

Monday, not my favorite day of the week, add to it a teething child,my oldest's new "thing", a messy house, and rainy/inside weather, well, it doesn't make it much better.

First, the teething child, poor baby.  She has four, count them, four teeth.  The front, bottom two, then the top, side two.  That's right, my kids don't teeth "correctly".  My oldest was the same way, she was, what we call a "vampire baby".  It really is cute, especially when they give you that grin.  My husband and I thought for sure that that bay would teeth "correctly" when lo and behold, nope, she likes to follow in big sister's footsteps.  Oh well, it makes for some cute pictures, if she will ever sit still long enough to get the cheese vampire smile!  So now I think she is getting more teeth, I think this gave it away...
Yep, that's right, teething on the play table, and not just once, but several times for several minutes each.  And boy does she have a hold of that table, I had to pry her off, kinda like a bear trap on its intended.  She's going to love this photo when she gets older, but I have tons of wonderful, first date, horror photos to show anyone she brings to the house **mwaahahahahaha**.  It's crazy, even though she only has those four (two very separate) teeth, the girl can eat.  Today for lunch she chowed down on grilled chicken, baked beans, mac n cheese, and corn, all pretty much toothless.  It seems rather painful, but she manages quite well.

So my oldest's new "thing" is trying to trick me.  She found somethings (crochet needles) that she was not supposed to play with.  I saw her grab it, asked what she had, she immediately puts her hands behind her back.  I tell her to let me see her hand, what does she do, produce only one hand...Sneaky little girl, you think I don't know it will be in your other hand?  So I tell her to show me the other hand, reluctantly she shows me and we discuss why this is not allowable.  All is good until she does it again about an hour later with straws from her drink.  She is learning, but also becoming a little sneaky, but boy can she melt you with those big green eyes and the "oh but I love you mama". Here she is playing with marker tops...

So my house, yep, it's a wreck.  It wasn't too bad this morning, but as the day progressed it only got worse and worse.  I can kinda combine this one with the weather.  The girls have not been able to get out of the house because of all the wonderful, glorious, annoying rain.  So there is not a lack of mud inside and outside, and it seems like every time I clean it up, more is tracked in.  Don't get me wrong, we needed the rain, but I emphasize that needed is past tense.  I don't think it is needed now.  We have had our fair share and believe it is time for some nice fall weather, which means I can properly clean my house, and let the girls outside so they don't continue to mess up the said clean house...Well that is all for now, it is almost dinner time, and that means two hungry girls, then on to bath and bedtime, premier week!  
I leave you with some more photos from today:

 being silly

 telling me off!

 pretending their is a spider in her hair

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