Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tired (day 50)

Wow, this weekend was LONG, but a lot of fun!  Yesterday, we went to my nephews' first and second birthday party, then went to a good friend's daughter's first birthday party!  Needless to say, the girls were worn out, as were my husband and I. 

We started the day with a small trip to Target and JCPenney to get a few items.  We knew the parties were next and luckily the baby slept all the way back to the house and about thirty minutes in the car in the driveway (don't worry, we stayed outside with her!)  Once she woke up we made the one mile trek to the first party. 
The girls had a blast, they had a bouncy house and a barrel train that was ridden several times.  We played, ate, played some more for several hours.  The girls did not want to leave, they didn't know they were going to another party later that afternoon.  So we packed them up, got them into the truck and set off for the next birthday.

The girls took a great nap on the way to the next party and actually slept for another hour in the truck before getting out (again they were supervised, no worries).  The baby woke up in a pretty good mood, she immediately went to everyone and had a great old time, my older girl was not such an easy wake up.  She had to get adjusted to the idea of waking up and being around a totally new crowd of people.  When she finally came out of her shell she ended up having a blast.  We actually did not get home until after 11pm, of course the baby went to sleep well before then, but my older girl did not.  This was definitely a special treat since she goes to sleep around 7pm normally.  Like I said, it was a crazy busy day, but we had a blast!

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