Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween part II (day 46)

Yesterday I posted a bunch of photos from the day, today I want to post what happened in more words than photos.
So anyways, yesterday we had our second annual Halloween Party and Hay Ride.  My husband and I decided that we wanted to do something for the kids.  So we spent the morning cleaning, getting things together, cookies, cupcakes, snacks, you know, fun stuff. 
Well, the party was supposed to start at 2:30, people started showing up around 3.  You know how it is, everyone had to get the kids dressed and ready for an evening of fun.
The kids were let loose and played till their hearts were content, they loved decorating cookies, eating cupcakes and playing on the playscape.  We set up the Wii Just Dance, and they worked up quite a sweat.  If you have a Wii then you should definitely invest in the game, it's great, and a nice workout.  I had some other activities planned, but you know how plans are changed around when their are kids involved. 
Well the evening progressed and it was time for the hay ride.  Now this was our baby's first time on a hay ride and you can bet she had a blast.  I think the wind was something she never expected, she would let the wind whip through her barely there hair and yell at the wind.  We got to the houses, where let out, and started on the trick or treating. 
I put the girls in their wagon and off we went.   We would get to a house, the girls would get out, the oldest would take off with the rest of the group while I helped the younger up to the door.  She got really good at holding her bucket.  At one point I tried to help her hold her bucket.  She looked at me and kinda growled and snatched it away.  It was actually really cute. 
So we hit up some houses, I guess a lot of people weren't expecting trick or treaters at 6:30 because a lot of lights and unopened doors were left behind.
It was a lot of fun, the girls had the best time ever.  Sorry the post is so short, it has been a crazy few weeks with photos, and life.  Hopefully, it will start slowing down really soon, until then...tootaloo!

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