Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shaving Cream (day 52)

Have you ever noticed that kids will play with anything?  Boxes, paper towel rolls, pots, pans, tupperware, spoons, anything.  You know what else they like?  Shaving cream, that's right, plain old, run of the mill shaving cream. 

The kids had a blast today.  I put them at the table, rolled up their sleaves, put a paper towel over their shirt, squirted shaving cream in front of them and let them have at it.  And boy did they have a blast.  At first some of the little ones were reluctant to touch the white foam, so I put their fingers in it and dragged them around.  When they saw that it was ok to touch they started to go crazy.  The baby tried to put it in her mouth, one small taste was enough to know that it was not edible. 

We played in that Barbasol for awhile, the kids pushed it around the table, slapped at it, blew on it, had a great time squealing and enjoying the texture.  By the time we were supposed to clean up the kids were exhausted, I was exhausted, and the dining room was a mess!    So, if you are ever looking for a cheap but outrageously fun activity (even if it is a little/lot messy), get out the shaving cream and watch the kids have the time of their life!

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