Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stockings (Day 58)

"...and the stockings were hung by the chimney with care..." I have decided to make my girls' stockings this year.  We had one for our older daughter.  A plain, run of the mill, store bought stocking.  We didn't get the baby one last year, not that it mattered, there was not much to put into it, but this year, I want them to have ones like I had growing up.

Putting the stockings up in anticipation of that jolly ol' elf stuffing it full of goodies is one of my great Christmas memories.  My mom hand made all of our stockings and added great details and beadwork.  I loved my stocking.  When it was time to decorate the house for Christmas we couldn't wait to get to the box with the stockings.  We would carefully pull them out of the box, go over every detail of the work my mom put into it, lightly graze my fingers over the beads, make sure nothing was out of place.  We would clammer to the mantle and arrange the stockings in our birth order.

When Christmas Eve would arrive we would go to our church pageant anticipating what would be waiting at home for us, we knew for sure Santa made his early stops to our house.   Once we rushed through the door and clammered for the tree, the first thing we noticed was the stockings were carefully placed under the tree, bulging at the seams, full of goodies.

These are the types of memories that I want to create for my children.  So I found some stocking patterns and am hoping they turn out half as great as the ones my mom made for me and my brothers.  It is a ton of work, but surprisingly very stress relieving.  I have been working on Bailey's for the past several days and will post photos once I am done.

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